Pri’s Monthly Favourites – August 2019

As the 8th month of the year draws to a close (surreal, I know!), I decided to embrace Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now by introducing a new segment to the blog! Inspired by the likes of popular YouTube personalities, this monthly segment will include a concise round-up of my favourite products, coffee shops, restaurants and various other miscellaneous items I enjoyed throughout the specific month. 

With its jam-packed event schedule and fluctuating weather conditions, August presented the ideal opportunity to launch Pri’s Monthly Favourites. If you happen to be inspired by one of my recommendations, please post a picture to Instagram/Facebook and tag me (my username is @prieatsworld) so that I can show some love to you as well! Without further ado, please enjoy this debut edition of Pri’s Monthly Favourites!

1. Terbodore Coffee

A trip to the Midlands is simply incomplete without an authentic cup of happiness from Terbodore Coffee in Howick! An icon in the realm of South African roasters, Terbodore is an absolute must for coffee lovers!  Be sure to pop in for a premium blend the next time you venture along the Midlands Meander. Alternatively, our Cape Tonian counterparts can enjoy a cup or two (or three or four) at the cafe in Franschhoek. Be sure to keep an eye out for the highly-anticipated launch of the Big Dog Cafe in Kloof Street!

2. Lou Harvey Make Up Bag

With intricate designs, vibrant colours and high-quality products, it’s no surprise that Lou Harvey has become a household name in South Africa! This bespoke lifestyle is both functional and stylish, catering to a wide range of consumers. I recently purchased a beautiful Lou Harvey make-up bag from the store at the Pearls Mall in Umhlanga. With a variety of abstract design patterns, I was truly spoilt for choice. Eventually, I settled on this classically beautiful Paisley patterned bag. Not only does it house my daily make-up products, it is also lightweight, compact and handbag-friendly! 

3. LUSH Banana Naked Facial Oil

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably already aware of my profound love for this delicious little skincare gem! This beautiful buttery bar (try saying that 3 times fast) is the perfect overnight treatment for skin in need of hydration! During the chilly month of August, I found that my skin needed that extra bit of moisturising magic! Lush’s Banana Naked Facial Oil was the ideal solution to dry-skin woes. Creamy murumuru and organic illipe butter offers a gentle moisturising boost that is sure to leave your skin feeling silky smooth! As an added bonus, murumuru is also an incredibly fun word to say! Simply sweep the banana bar over your face, or work between your fingers before massaging into delicate skin The custardy vanilla scent is almost too decadent to resist – and with the warm comforting notes of tonka absolute, this product is a treat for the mind, body and soul. With vital, sustainably sourced ingredients like fresh banana, mango butter, banana peel tincture (see my Instagram story to find out more!) and sandalwood oil, this facial oil is ultra-hydrating and all-iconic. Head to the LUSH store in Gateway to browse the extensive selection of Naked products!

4. Seattle Coffee Co – Butterscotch Latte

Trust me when I say, the butterscotch latte from Seattle Coffee Co. is the closest earthly offering to Butterbeer! Fellow Harry Potter fans, and regular muggles alike, will love this delightful twist on a traditional latte. With authentic butterscotch syrup, one sip of this sweet treat will transport you to the icy hallows of Hogsmeade in no time! Pop into Seattle Coffee Co. in Park Square, Umhlanga Ridge, the Zimbali Wedge Retail Centre etc. to experience this magical drink!

5. Consol Glass Juicer

This innovative, creatively designed jar is one of three newly launched Consol Glass products. Functional, compact and easy to use – this lime-green juicer has quickly become my main-squeeze! With a few quick twists and turns, the juicer lid transforms the legendary 500ml Consol Preserve Jar into a no-fuss, all-in-one, juice-making and storage unit. The clear, high-quality glass jar ensures easy viewing of levels of citrus fruit juice,during the juicing process, in a safe and ultra-convenient manner. Freshly-squeezed juices can then be easily and hygienically stored by replacing the juicer lid with a storage lid, and placing it into the fridge. Along with the Consol Grater, this trendy juicer has become a staple in our kitchen! I really enjoyed using the juicer to add a zest of citrus to our meals this August. 

6. Vovo Telo’s Four Cheese with Crispy Gypsy Ham Pizza

Nestled in the heart of the Umhlanga Village, Vovo Telo is the perfect spot for a lazy Sunday brunch! With beautiful live music, sunshine and good company, the ambiance at this local eatery is whimsically wonderful. A personal foodie favourite this month is the four cheese pizza topped with crispy gypsy ham and fresh rocket. A decadent combination of Mascarpone, Bocconcini, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, garlic and caramelised onions form the creamy, cheesy layer upon the crispy pizza base. Topped with crispy gypsy ham and fresh peppery rocket, this pizza is the epitome of indulgence. 

7. OhMega Macadamia Nut Butter

OhMy OhMega, I am nuts about your Macadamia Butter! As an avid almond-butter enthusiast, I’m no stranger to the diverse and delicious range of products from OhMega Nut Butters. However, during a shopping spree this August, my eyes landed upon a mini-squeeze packet of Macadamia Nut Butter. I was wholly familiar with OhMega’s almond butter, cashew butter, peanut butter, and even its tahini! But Macadamia butter? You better believe that I was intrigued! I was barely through the door by the time I opened my cute little macadamia squeeze packet. Creamy, buttery and full of crushed Macadamia nuts – this product quickly became a household favourite! So far I’ve tried this creamy dreamy butter on toast, crackers, and even in salad dressing! It’s absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a unique spread! 

9. Old Town Italy Tote Bag

This nifty little tote bag from Old Town Italy in Umhlanga is the perfect, lightweight travel companion! Not only does it comfortably fit my earphones, makeup bag, novel and water bottle, it’s also beautifully designed! I love the illustration of wine bottles, as well as the signature Old Town Italy branding. It’s super cute and minimal, so it coordinates well with literally every outfit. 

10. Nomu Cocoa Powder

With August offering us a little taste of Winter, NOMU’s decadent hot cocoa was the perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in! I purchased my delicious unsweetened cocoa powder from the Woolworths in Granada Centre. I love that the frosty weather allowed for moments of sweet indulgence, and I enjoyed many a cup of rich and creamy hot chocolate whilst binging my favourite series on Netflix!

10. SOIL Essential Oils

From calming lavender to invigorating peppermint, these SOIL essential oils are the perfect way to stay energised and revitalised throughout the month. My  moments of rest and relaxation are incomplete without the captivating aroma of essential oils. Throughout the month of August, I decided to try 3 new products from Soil’s extensive range, and trust me, they did NOT disappoint! 

1. Energy – A revitalising blend of Clary Sage, Lime, Cypress and Black Pepper was the perfect addition to an early morning walk and kept me energized as I greeted the friendly doggos on the promenade.

2. De-Stress – A calming blend of Lavender, Ylang-Ylang and Patchouli helped keep my nerves at bay while I watched our Springboks face off against the All Blacks.

3. Sleep – A soothing blend of Lavender, Bergamot, Sweet Marjoram and Vetiver helped me drift into sweet dreams of cotton candy clouds, chocolate fountains and Chris Evans.

All of these oils proved to be uniquely beneficial – and dare I say it – essential. I also love that Soil Essential Oils are all 100% certified organic, anti-animal testing and free from harsh chemicals and parabens. My favourite oil was probably ‘Sleep’ as the soft, pleasant fragrance created a cosy atmosphere without becoming overpowering. All you really need are 2-3 drops of these oils for the fragrance to envelop you. If you’re new to the concept of aromatherapy, I’ve listed a few bullet points below to help you familiarize yourself with essential oils

• Essential Oils are plant oils that have been extracted from the leaves and flowers of various plant species

• The result is a potent, fragrant oil that can be applied topically to the skin, or through inhalation via a diffuser

• Essential oils can be used in combination with carrier oils, such as coconut oil, to massage and hydrate the skin. They can also be added to lotions and shower gels, or to diffusers so that your entire home smells like your favourite scent!

• Even though essential oils smell good enough to eat, they are extremely concentrated plant oils, and thus, should never be ingested

If you enjoyed this debut edition of Pri’s Monthly Favourites, leave a comment letting me know which was your personal favourite! See you next month for my September Favourites!

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