Fireroom Sushi and Grill: Review


Where the food is literally FIRE

Welcome to the only place on earth where it is socially acceptable for you to utter the words “it’s about to get lit”.

If you’re in the market for a unique dining experience, look no further than Fireroom in Monte Casino. This theatrical dining experience is every Instagram guru’s dream dinner destination!

Situated in the very heart of Monte’s buzzing metropolis, Fireroom guarantees a dynamic atmosphere for sushi-seeking socialites!

However, if you’re looking for a romantic night out, or a casual dinner with friends, Fireroom’s sleek and cosy interior has got you covered.

My experience at Fireroom was extra special as it was my first official dinner date with my god-daughter! At only 2 months old, her sophisticated palette and penchant for gourmet sushi is particularly admirable.

Baby Ky’s blog debut

Fireroom’s extensive menu kept us busy, while baby Ky enjoyed a mid-sushi snooze. I mean, who doesn’t need a nap break between meals?

We opted for three sushi platters, chosen specifically for their dramatic presentation i.e. the fact that they would be set on fire at our table. There’s something about watching your food being set alight that is oddly satisfying. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video I posted to ‘Pri Eats World’ Facebook page and comment your reaction at the end of this post!

Image via Instagram

The sushi at Fireroom was quite simply, art. The fusion of sweet, sour and spicy fire-sauce (I have no idea what the drizzle of sauce is called, but I’d say that fire sauce is every bit as exciting than the taste of the sauce itself) opened up a world of flavour combinations that seemed to work perfectly.

The alcohol in the fire sauce was abundant and easily detectable. So if your tolerance is particularly low, I suggest you opt for a platter without fire sauce, rather than run the risk of an actual sushi hangover.

Image via Instagram

Apart from the exquisite flavour combinations and electric atmosphere, Fireroom is to be commended for their fantastic customer service. As I mentioned earlier, our 2 month old dinner guest was also prepared for a night of gourmet food. However, instead of flaming sushi and chicken stir-fry, baby Ky opted for drinks at the milk machine a.k.a her mom. Different strokes for different folks I guess. The staff were extremely accommodating and ensured that the both Ky’s dinner, as well as our own, was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

All in all, the night was a flaming success! I would definitely recommend Fireroom to anyone with an appetite for the extraordinary.

Have you been to Fireroom before? Comment your experience and let me know whether you enjoyed the fire sauce as much as I did!


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